Discogs Supports Record Stores Crediting March Service Fees
Over 800 Stores Will Receive Fee Credits Across $2.3 Million in March Orders
Support Record Stores

PORTLAND, OR. April 15, 2020:  Discogs, the leading online music Marketplace and Database, announced today a new initiative to support record stores around the world by offering up to a $500 credit to record store retailers. 

Discogs recognizes the impact on record store retailers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging its sister site VinylHub, a user-built database of record stores around the globe, Discogs has the ability to identify stores with physical retail locations that also sell through the Discogs Marketplace. Discogs will credit stores that have linked their Discogs seller account to VinylHub with a credit up to $500 per store for March service fees

“This initiative will cover fees for more than 95% of the record stores on Discogs and we hope that it helps in some way to keep them viable, covering some of their loss due to social distancing,” stated Ron Rich, Vice President of Marketing. “We’re also extending the invitation to physical record stores that are not currently on Discogs with a fee credit up to $100 for the month of April.”

Qualifying record stores simply need to register their Discogs and VinylHub accounts to get started. Discogs remains committed to its entire seller community, having maintained its low service fees for over five years.  More information can be found on the Discogs Blog.

“We recognize as a result of this pandemic that our local record stores are some of our highest impacted community members,” added Rich.  “Discogs turns to its community once again to help support these shops throughout the world.”

As social distancing has escalated to stay home orders, more people are turning to Discogs than ever before. With the rise in traffic, it shows how important music is to people in these uncertain times. Last week, Discogs reported over 34,716 new releases were cataloged by users, a record-breaking number of contributions to the Discogs Database in any two week period.

To support your local record stores, search by country using Discogs Record Store Directory.