Discogs Releases Free "Guide to Record Collecting” eBook for Cyber Monday

PORTLAND, OR. December 2, 2019:  Discogs, the leading online physical music exchange, has released a free 24-page eBook for Cyber Monday aimed at helping consumers navigate building their record collection this holiday season.  

The Discogs Guide To Record Collecting is the definitive resource for all of your vinyl record collecting questions. Showcasing some of the most sought after content amassed from the Discogs Blog, this eBook will leave no side of record collecting unflipped.

With plenty of labels ready to capitalize on the different needs of the collectors, now it’s easy to find the same album edited on 180 grams vinyl, different color variations, original issues, and reissues… the list of variations is endless. There is a lot to decide while starting your collection, and it’s perfectly fine to feel doubtful. We’ve all been there. 

With this guide, Discogs seeks to make it easy for consumers to understand the what, the where, the why, and the how of vinyl collecting. Having consulted with different experts in the field both inside and outside our platform, Discogs presents the first of several free eBooks to come.



Discogs continues to see vinyl sales trending upwards around the globe.  Discogs recently published its 2019 Q3 Report containing notable data citing the continued rise in sales of the vinyl format at 3.03% year-over-year with over 4.3 million records purchased.  Discogs also published its list of Top 100 Most Expensive Cassettes and Top 100 Most Expensive CDs pointing to high-end prices continuing to rise in the music collectors market.