Discogs Surpasses 300M Releases In Users' Collections
The Discogs Community Adds Over 6M Releases To Their Collections Monthly

Discogs surpasses a monumental milestone this week with its users adding over 300,000,000 releases to their Collections since the functionality was added in early 2001. Growth continues to be a theme with Discogs in looking back at 2014, Discogs users were adding 2M releases per month to their Collections while the site had over 4.5M releases submitted to its Database.



Today, the Discogs Community is adding over 6M releases to their Collections monthly, and is nearing 11M releases in its massive Database. And yes, the Discogs Community is still adding vinyl to their collections at an astonishing rate. The first 1M releases added to Collection and the last 1M releases added were 68% and 70% vinyl respectively. Consequently, cassettes have seen a 183% increase and reel-to-reel has seen a 4,468% increase across the same metrics. To ingest the several other data points across Discogs' 300M Collection milestone, click HERE.


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