Discogs Shares 2018 Third Quarter Highlights And Analysis Report
Discogs Shares Best Selling Variations Data For Q3 2018 John Coltrane's Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album Tops Most Collected New Release Chart Pink Floyd $13,793 Sale Tops Most Expensive Sales Chart

Today, Discogs launches quarterly reporting from three key performance indicators within the Discogs Database and Marketplace. Discogs breaks down the increasing growth of User Collections based on New (inclusive of reissues) and Catalog releases in addition to Database Submissions and the Most Expensive Items Sold via Discogs over the course of Q3 of 2018. A new look into our Discogs sales data is the Top 20 Best Selling Release Variations chart, an authoritative look at the distinct release variants that are selling across the Discogs Marketplace. By breaking sales down to a variant level, releases like Peggy Gou's Vinyl variant of Once (March 2, 2018, Ninja Tune) surfaces as a leading release in opposition to the hundreds of variants sometimes found under catalog titles rolled under a singular Master Release.



Reporting focal points are the 330,000+ submissions to the Discogs Database. John Coltrane's Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album as the Most Collected New Release over Q3 while Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon sits as the Most Collected Catalog Release. Peggy Gou's Once sits atop the Top 20 Best Selling Release Variations as another explicit indicator of both the International and Electronic Collector’s impact within the Discogs community.
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