Discogs And The High-End Vinyl Market
Sound Investment: What We Know About The High-End Vinyl Market

PORTLAND, OR November 16, 2018 - Discogsthe world's foremost Database, Marketplace, and Community for physical music, surveys over 8-years of data surrounding the high-end vinyl market as an investment in Sound Investment: What We Know About The High-End Vinyl Market. Over the past 12-months, five records broke the $10,000 plateau in eye-popping transactions that previously happened only once in Discogs history. With Sound Investment, Discogs digs into the data and speaks with experts in the field to offer advice to would-be “vinyl investors” who want to maximize the value of their collections despite the "rare vinyl bubble" rumored ahead.



Punk legend and noted collector Henry Rollins reveals in Sound Investment: “There are some serious deals that go down outside of eBay and Discogs. I’m in that loop,. Acetates, original artwork, etc. It’s all done very quietly. You get the email, and you tell the guy if you’re in or not, the money is wired, no PayPal. I have gotten some one-of-a-kind stuff that way.”


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