Discogs Presents The Best Albums Of 1980

PORTLAND, OR. May 13, 2020:  Discogs, the world’s record store, today published a definitive list of the Best Albums of 1980 powered by its extensive user-built, open-source database. 

Utilizing Discogs' abundant data available from the millions of items cataloged in the collections and want lists of its 7.3 million users to compile the list, Discogs found AC/DC’s Back In Black in 60% more collections/want lists than the #2 album. Alternatively, at #10, Dead Kennedy’s Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables is the first album on the chart with more Wants than Haves and ranked higher than U2’s Boy, Peter Gabriel’s Peter Gabriel, and Billy Joel’s Glass Houses.

View: Top 25 Most Collected and Wanted Albums of 1980

Yesterday, Discogs surpassed a major milestone with its users adding over 400,000,000 releases to their Collections. In April 2020, Discogs saw a 22% growth with 306,411 unique users adding 11,760,104 items to their collections.