Discogs Reaches 400 Million Releases in User Music Collections
Discogs Community Adds Over 11M+ Releases to Their Collections in April 2020

PORTLAND, OR. May 11, 2020:  Discogs, the world’s record store, surpasses a major milestone this week with its users adding over 400,000,000 releases to their Collections.  The personal cataloging function was added in early 2001 and growth continues to be a theme with Discogs in 2020.

The Discogs Community is adding vinyl to their collections at an astonishing rate. During January 2019, Discogs reached 300 million in collections added by 250,000 users per month. In April 2020, Discogs saw a 22% growth with 306,411 unique users adding 11,760,104 items to their collections. 


On average, the Discogs Community is adding 7 million items to their Collections monthly and is nearing 12.5 million releases in its open-source user-driven Database. Comparatively, in 2014, Discogs users were adding 2 million items per month to their Collections while the site had only 4.5 million releases submitted to its Database. For more on the 400M Collection milestone, click HERE.

As social distancing has escalated to stay home orders, more people are turning to Discogs than ever before. With the rise in traffic, it shows how important music is to people in these uncertain times. To support your local record stores, search by country using Discogs Record Store Directory.